Facade Retention in Glasgow

JCJ Group are a leading national supplier of façade retention services throughout Glasgow and Scotland.

We provide our clients with a complete service, dealing with all aspects of façade retention and temporary propping including design, fabrication, construction, certification and dismantling.

Façade retention, the removal and renewal of a building’s walls, columns and floors while retaining and preserving the integrity of the external architecture, is a service that we have specialised in for almost 30 years. As one of the few companies offering Façade Retention in Glasgow and Scotland, our expertise is an invaluable asset to any building project where the retention of the external structure is of importance.

Our work throughout Glasgow and Scotland over the years puts us in the unique position of understanding and respecting the historical significance of the city’s variety of listed and historic buildings, and with that knowledge, we can deliver a unrivalled façade retention service – even in the busiest of city centre areas. Through meticulous planning, we map out each stage of the process; from surveying the building and neighbouring properties to designing a bespoke façade retention system. Such planning ensures every aspect of our service is precise; guaranteeing a seamless process where the safety of the public, contractors and of course, the building façade, is upheld to our characteristic high standards.

JCJ Group

JCJ Group

Our façade retention service also includes additional works such as temporary weather proofing and structural underpinning, where appropriate. Such additional services for our clients through Glasgow and Scotland are custom designed by our structural engineers who have a great understanding of the preservation of historical buildings.

If you require façade retention in Glasgow or Scotland, contact JCJ Group today to discuss your requirements and our experienced team will collaborate to create a solution where we will design, erect, maintain and finally, remove, your bespoke façade retention system with a professional and seamless approach.

JCJ Group are Facade Retention experts based in Glasgow.

Our Facade Retention services are available throughout Glasgow and surrounding areas.

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